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- Airbrushed Makeup and Special Occasion Makeup

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Makeup is personal, and every bride has their own preferences when it comes to the look and style they want to achieve.

If you don’t apply makeup every day or you find traditional foundation too thick on your skin, finding a perfect finish that lasts might be a challenge. For your wedding day makeup, airbrushing is an amazing option.

For a long time, makeup artists have used airbrushing. It is mostly utilised in film and television and has grown increasingly popular in fashion and photography as well as everyday use. Glamour & Glow Beauty are trained and certified in the use of high-definition Airbrush Make-up application.

Airbrushing is a silicone-based cosmetic technique in which the makeup is sprayed on using compressed air. The ultralight foundation then mists over the skin in a micro-fine spray, giving the skin a far more flawless appearance than conventional foundations. The effect is seamless, with a finish that shows off your skin without drawing attention to fine lines, wrinkles, or pores.


The Benefits of Airbrushed Makeup


-Airbase is made up of a unique combination of ingredients, including silicone at its core.

-Completely flawless, weightless and natural finish

-Does not clog your pores and allows your skin to breathe

-Non-stick and pliable

-Water-resistant and heat-resistant; make-up that lasts all day.

-Airbrushing also has hygiene benefits in that it prevents product contamination and the spreading of bacteria

-Excellent coverage- It can be used to conceal tattoos and to remove skin imperfections and slight discolouration, leaving a beautiful finish and an even tone all over

-Vitamins A and E: Vitamin A is an active ingredient in Airbase that has been shown to increase skin suppleness and thereby diminish fine wrinkles. Vitamin E also moisturises and heals the skin while also assisting in the deactivation of free radicals that cause ageing.

Female make up artist applying make-up with brush
portrait of a girl in body art for squirrel Christmas display
Make-up artist using aerograph making an airbrush make up

- Process

Our Process

Book an Airbrush Makeup Trial in Epsom

We always recommend doing a trial run before the big day so you can experience the luxurious product and witness all of the benefits for yourself. After you’ve made your reservation, we’ll schedule your trial, which normally takes place a few months before the wedding or event. This is when we get to meet face to face, relax, and talk about your preferred make-up style. This is an important step since getting to know one another at this point will allow you to relax and enjoy the moment on your big day knowing that your chosen make-up will be flawlessly recreated.


Makeup/Body art Prices

Airbrushed Makeup Trial


Airbrushed Makeup Day


Airbrushed Bridesmaid Makeup


Airbrushed Mother Of The Bride/Groom


Flower Girl Sparkle and Gloss


Hair Glitter Strands




Festival Glitter effect


Body Art


Female make up artist applying make-up with brush
portrait of a girl in body art for squirrel Christmas display


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What our customers say.

"My skin looks flawless, and I can barely feel any makeup on me, it feels so light on the skin'