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Cosmetologist spraying tan on woman in salon

- Professional Spray Tanner in Epsom

Our Golden Glow

The days of artificial tanning products and applications turning your skin orange is long gone!

Glamour & Glow Beauty are a 12 years-running, Guild Award-Winning Sienna X Spray Tan treatment provider, the leading application for professional tanners.

We want women and men to look and feel their best in the most natural way possible; Sienna X Spray tanning is a rapid and effective treatment that takes less than 30 minutes and allows men and women to obtain the perfect shade. We provide high-quality Sienna X spray tans that produce an amazing, natural-looking tan.

- Professional Spray Tanner in Epsom

The Benefits of Sienna X Spray Tan

-Award-winning and used in the fashion industry

-Quick application that takes just 20-30 minutes!

-No UVA/UVB that damage your skin

-Offers a wide variety of tones to suit all skin types

-Nourishing/moisturising ingredients that are good for your skin

-Used and endorsed by high profile celebrities

-Complete even coverage with a flawless, glowing finish that will leave you looking and feeling great; a real confidence booster!

-Natural, vegan and cruelty-free.

Beautician spraying tan bodypaint on woman in salon
Cosmetologist applying spray tan on woman in salon


Tanning Prices

How to Achieve a Beautiful 'Sun-Kissed' Tan

To ensure you get the best spray tan, please exfoliate your skin before your appointment to remove dead skin cells, paying special attention to dry areas like your hands, elbows, knees, and ankles.

Rinse off any creams, oils, moisturisers, and make-up the day of your spray tan application, and wait until afterwards to use deodorant or perfume. Please bring loose dark clothing to wear after your spray tan.



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What our customers say.

Highly recommend Samantha for a beautiful Tan. I had so many complimentary comments on how natural my tan was, completely flawless and a very thorough process.